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New Jersey Male to Female Gender Reassignment

The options for male to female gender reassignment of the face and chest are breast augmentation, nipple correction, tracheal shave and facial feminization.

Breast augmentation is the enhancement and restructuring of the breast using a saline filled implant. This surgery is usually performed after the initiation of hormone therapy and can be performed at any stage of the gender reassignment process. Discussing preferences for size, shape and breast placement is an important part of the consultation and will determine the type of procedure necessary for your desired result.

Nipple correction restructures the nipple to complete the female appearance of the breast and is usually performed in conjunction with breast augmentation. Nipple correction may also include enhancing the placement of nipple on the breast for a more natural look. The level and length of your hormone therapy can affect nipple structure and should be discussed during consultation.

Tracheal shave is the shaving of tracheal cartilage to feminize the appearance of the neck.

Facial feminization can include: face lift, reduction of the Mandibular Angle, cheek implants, brow reduction, brow contour, scalp advancement, brow lift, eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty), nasal surgery (rhinoplasty), chin reduction, lip lift and lip augmentation. During your consultation, Dr. Volshteyn will examine your facial structure and discuss your specific options for facial feminization.

All of these procedures are performed on an outpatient basis, though adequate time for recovery is necessary. Many of these procedures can be performed in combination to reduce the number of surgeries necessary for your desired result. Every surgery has risks and potential complications; Dr. Volshteyn will discuss all of the risks involved with every procedure in consultation.