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Scrotal Reduction after Penile Enlargement

Peno-scrotal webbing is a condition when the scrotal skin gets attached to the undersurface of the penis shaft as the result of complicated circumcision or penile enlargement surgery.

I do not perform penile enlargement surgery, however, I do see some patients with complications for corrective surgery.

There are several options for reconstruction, including Z Plasty, 5 flap technique and skin grafting as well as others.

I determine the right technique for each specific patient.

To schedule your consultation, please call 775-284-0911.

We commonly get the question about costs, especially from patients who undergone penile enlargement surgery in the past and invested previously with other surgeons.

The least expensive way to correct this is usually to consult the original surgeon.

Due to variery of techniques available, we would be unable to quote a specific price, however, usually the prices vary from $2000.00 to $6000.00 USD.